FAQ About Video Production

When you get into video marketing industry, there may be so many questions that need to be asked even before you go to an official consultation. We have decided to gather some of the questions on a separate page, so you could become more familiar with the field and discuss more constructive questions with our specialists.

Q: How much do videos cost?
A: It greatly depends on a number of things: the difficulty of your video, its length, equipment and decorations needed, edition process, etc. There are also companies that are more popular that charge more, and less popular that charge less. There are actors who want more money to be featured, and directors that can’t work on low-budget projects. You need to contact the company directly and ask for more information.

Q: How to find a company that would be competent in my business field?
A: You don’t need a company specialized in a certain type of business, but you need a company that knows video production well. It’s possible to shoot a good video on any topic if you explain your idea well, but not all the companies are competent in shooting high-quality clips.

Q: Why would I need professional actors and directors for my clip?
A: You may not need them if you need an animation or slides. But in case you want a video clip, you should hire professionals, as influencing viewers is a hard work. So many things have to be combined, including a good actor’s play and an impressive picture!

Q: Why do companies ask about my budget? Won’t they use all my money if they know?
A: If you hire a good company, they will do everything to make the price fitting to any budget. It doesn’t mean you have to put all your money into video marketing – just choose a sum that you would be capable of paying. A good company will help you save money or recommend some more expensive ways of producing video if they see it fit into your budget.

These are the most frequent questions asked by our potential clients, but if you don’t find what you needed here, contact us for further discussion. We will explain everything to you and recommend further steps to do to hire a high-quality company. Once you find such a firm, you can be calm about the visual part of your advertisement campaign, as it will be in professional hands. People who work in the industry know everything about influencing people and drawing their attention to your website.