4 Rules of Hiring a Professional Video Production Company

To make your video promotion campaign successful, you need to hire a truly professional video production company. In such a firm, there will be people who have already done a number of great projects, aren’t afraid of telling you about the odds, and know their field of work. They don’t have to be specialists in your business but in theirs, which is a crucial factor for you. But how to make sure you are about to hire a reliable company that will provide you with effective results?

There are 4 main rules to follow when searching for a video production firm.

Rule 1: Watching Demo Reels

It’s important that you ask for a sample of a video done by the company if not shown on their official website. Most companies post their demos to impress you with their professionalism, and usually, those videos are compilations of the most beautiful moments from their clips. This isn’t enough, though, as who wouldn’t unite all the most successful parts in one clip to make people see their level? A good reel doesn’t mean the whole works were effective for the companies that ordered them.

A promotional video is much more than a simple yet beautiful set of shots with a logo of your company. The clip has to contain your message in a creative form to engage people with the video emotionally and make them listen.

Rule 2: Watching the Latest Videos of the Company

Following the first rule, the conclusion is that you need to ask or try to find the most recent videos made by the company you are about to hire. Then you will see the progress the company has made so far and the results of their work. They may be brilliant, but just not for you, so before you hire a firm, make sure you determine your own requirements and priorities.

It would be good to conduct some research yourself, as the company’s representatives will again pick their most successful work to show you. The research process is quite easy with modern search engines, so it won’t take much time yet will contribute into the future video you will get.

Rule 3: Compare Prices

While asking questions you’re interested in, include the inquiry about the estimated price of your project. Do so with several companies and add their estimates to the list of advantages (or disadvantages) of every firm. This will help you choose a partner that price its works adequately, which isn’t the last point for many clients, especially the representatives of the small business field.

Rule 4: Remember the Balance Between Prices and Results

Make sure you understand that choosing the company with the cheapest prices may not make you even close to a successful result. Such companies are effective for low-budget customers that need at least some clip to advertise themselves, and it serves them well. However, if you aim at high-quality content and want people to contact you after they watch a video, you should consider the balance between the price and the result.

Make it your assignment to collect all the pros and cons for every company you find capable of helping you. This will make you the closest to getting the best ally you could wish for in your advertising plan.


The main recommendation for the search of a video production company is to do enough research. Seek recent videos of the companies you’re interested in and ask those firms’ representatives about the prices they will set for the project of your level. Also, remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best and don’t be too impressed by the demo reel you see at first. Follow these rules, and your search will be successful and the cooperation – productive!