3 Ways to Establish Emotional Connection with Your Viewers

One of the most important things in creating your introductory video advertisement is to establish emotional connection with your viewers. They are the people who may become your future clients, so you need to create a memorable first impression. It’s quite possible, as we are all humans and we tend to rely on something/someone we find common features with. To establish a proper connection, you can use one or even all of the following techniques:

    1. Make a quick mention of your passions and goals.
      Talk briefly about the main factors that made you create your company, about your childhood if it had some influence, etc. Create a message that will cause emotional reaction and attraction to your story and the video advertisement. For that, you may choose whatever you feel will fit or do some research on your target audience. Also, deliver the speech with the right points emphasized, in a pleasant voice. You can practice that at home and choose the tone and the words that will be the best for your current advertising campaign.
    2. Share information between the lines.
      Include more information about your courage, goals, and ways of their achievement in an inconspicuous way. This can be done by simply adding “just as I did” or “which was exactly what happened to me”. Such brief expressions will make people understand that in your video advertisement you’re talking not only about the business, the markets, the job stuff, but also about yourself. Remember that you have to make people trust you and become interested in your company and its products. Try and balance these two goals to achieve the best results in establishing emotional connection.
  1. Show your vulnerabilities and how you use them to progress.
    Be honest and talk about something that happened to you in the past that made you proceed and grow as a businessperson and as a human being. You may have failed an interview for your first job or suffered from a wrong treatment by your colleagues. Choose something that will echo in your viewers’ minds and make them trust you more.

To Sum Up

Psychological influence is one of the most powerful elements of a video advertisement. Use it by telling your company’s story and your own path to success. Video clips can be more powerful than you think, so choose the right words, talk in the right tone, and say the right things. If you do it, you will see how larger the list of your customers will become.